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The Swedish solution for premium water

Founded in Stockholm in 2005, Nordaq harnesses patented technology to provide premium, sustainable end-to-end water solutions.


We are still & sparkling tapped and capped on-site filtered water. Serve us chilled, ambient or hot.

We offer a more profitable, sustainable and tasteful alternative to ordinary bottled water for all businesses where both taste experience and environmental responsibility are at the core.

Find us around the world – from 5 star luxury hotels & resorts, to eco-friendly boutique B&B's, award-winning restaurants, casinos and cruise ships.  We are proud of our hospitality partners and their commitment to luxury and the environment.

The 6 NO’s of NORDAQ:

NO single-use bottles

NO transport

NO storage

NO hassle

NO plastic

NO waste

We believe in growing with our customers

Nordaq currently operates in 52 countries and is constantly growing. Together with our local teams, we combine the unique Nordaq identity, with local culture and knowledge.

Become a distributor

Nordaq offers its solutions and related products worldwide. As a distributor, you will act as an exclusive reseller in a selected area, where new client relationships are cultivated according to Nordaq’s sales process and market support. Existing customer relationships will be developed and customers will receive first-class service thanks to Nordaq’s customer care program.

Companies with experience in selling other premium products to the hotel and hospitality industries will have unique opportunities to build both a responsible and successful business together with Nordaq.

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