The sustainable solution for premium water

Welcome to a taste experience as it is meant to be. Nordaq makes water taste like water, and everything else that much more.

From carafe to encapsulated
premium product

Here you will find the solution for you.

A taste experience that surprises

Discover a fresh crystal clear water with a superior ability to enhance the flavours of both food and wine.

A premium brand
deserved drop by drop

Nordaq has become the favorite of international star chefs in a short period of time.

Profitable, sustainable and tasteful!

Nordaq helps your organization reach the sustainability goals.

Subsidiaries and resellers

Together for superior taste and a clean planet. Nordaq is a global premium water solution with representation across much of the world.

Our mission

An environmentally sustainable and profitable alternative that makes water taste like water, and everything else taste that much more.

Latest news

Nordaq goes skiing

Nordaq goes skiing

Luxury ski resorts rely on Nordaq as innovative, sustainable water option in hotels, restaurants and spa’s.


Nordaq’s patented water filter has a unique ability to make water taste water and everything else so much better.

At Nordaq you will find nicely designed and functional water filter systems with accessories such as bottles, rubber caps, aluminum caps and encapsulation machines – Swedish design and quality at its best.

Purify your local tap water directly in place. Nordaq’s patented water filter filters out impurities and unwanted flavours while maintaining the water’s natural salts and minerals. The system produces both still and sparkling water, and chilled or ambient, even hot. 

The water is cooled and served directly in Nordaq’s exclusively designed glass or crystal bottles. The system has a market-unique solution where the bottles are washed with great precision in specially designed rackets and can be reused time and time again in a closed loop. No expensive disposable bottles, garbage disposal, or long shipment needed.

Nordaq’s water filter fits the organisation that wants to serve premium water without affecting the environment. By purifying your water on-site, no transports nor logistics are needed, no plastic bottles, leading to reduced emissions and waste. Without having to compromise on the quality.

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