Wynn adopts cutting-edge environmental technology to save 8 million plastic bottles annually

Nordaq water served at Wynn Palace

Wynn adopts cutting-edge environmental technology to save 8 million plastic bottles annually and cut food waste by 35%. It becomes the first resort in the world to use at significant scale an on-site Nordaq Refilling System and first in Macau to introduce an AI-powered food waste management system.

Wynn has announced its latest initiatives to help contribute to a greener Macau, using groundbreaking technology to set new standards in reducing plastic and food waste within the local hospitality industry.

In order to address the widespread use of disposable plastic water bottles, Wynn will become the first integrated resort in the world to install and use at a significant scale an on-site Nordaq Refilling system. This system enables high-quality filtered water to be produced locally and served in reusable glass bottles. As a result, Wynn is able to phase out the use of plastic water bottles, first in all hotel and food and beverage operations by mid-2020, and then in all gaming operations by year-end 2021.

The new on-site automated water bottling plant will be able to refill 2,000 bottles of water per hour. It is estimated that this will eliminate the production, transportation, and supply of approximately 8 million plastic bottles annually, significantly reducing plastic waste and the associated carbon footprint. This sustainability initiative follows Wynn becoming the first integrated resort in Macau to adopt localized filtration systems and introduce Nordaq water in selected fine-dining restaurants.

In addition, Wynn is also pioneering new approaches with tackling food waste, an issue with both economic and environmental costs. The company has become the first in Macau to adopt the ‘Winnow Vision System’ across its properties, which uses computer vision-based monitoring technology powered by AI and machine-learning to track and measure what food is being wasted.

The system then delivers data-driven insights, enabling Wynn to take an analytical approach to food production that enhances efficiency without compromising on quality. Since its implementation in a number of Wynn restaurants, the initiative has already cut food waste by up to 35%, and reduced costs, while also ensuring more responsible use of precious resources.

These measures reflect Wynn’s ongoing commitment to ‘Care about Everyone and Everything’, an expression of the company’s belief in the importance of attention to detail. By practicing an environmentally-friendly approach with its renowned food and beverage operations, Wynn aims to demonstrate that it is possible to offer guests world-class experiences, while also making progress with conserving water and minimizing waste and contributing to a better environment for the entire community.

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“One customer in five months has said, ‘I prefer Pellegrino,’” SW Steakhouse General Manager William Dunbar reports. “Just one customer.”

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”We are extremely proud and honoured to work with such a company as Wynn. We’re happy to together strive for a superior taste and a clean planet, and making such an impact.”

Says Pelle Hallberg, President Nordaq Group.

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