Villa Magna deletes 20 000 plastic bottles yearly

Stunning Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid deletes the need of ca 20 000 plastic bottles per year thanks to tapping Nordaq superior water on-site.

Nordaq at Villa Magna

Villa Magna hotel is situated in the heart of Madrid, Spain. Thanks to switching to in-house filtered premium water, amongst other eco-friendly initiatives, it has been awarded the Green Globe Certification. Tapping and filtering the premium water onsite, means immense reduced transports, logistics, and plastic waste.

Villa Magna has embarked on a new era of engaging in a green and ecofriendly philosophy and practices across all departments of our emblematic hotel. I am very proud to be part of a company with a true vision of sustainability and this certificate means so much to all of us as a recognition of all our efforts.” Said Charles L. Morris, General Manager at Villa Magna.

Villa Magna serves Nordaq water

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