Nordaq TrueTaste makes food and wine taste better

Nordaq’s clean, balanced water has the ability to highlight the flavors of food and wine, no matter where in the world your guest is. It is a unique feature in both wine tasting and cooking. The effect of the Nordaq TrueTaste is achieved both with Nordaq as an ingredient in the production of food or drink and at meal time, by allowing the flavors contained in the other ingredients to be better experienced.

Jens Dolk about Nordaq

Meet Jens Dolk
at K-märkt

“Nordaq makes both food and wine taste better, and at the same time both our guests and staff happier. At restaurant K-märkt we are passionate about quality and sustainability. With these two ingredients, the choice is simple. Serving environmentally friendly water without transportation today feels like a no-brainer – everything else would be idiotic.” 

Jens Dolk is a well-known Swedish wine connoisseur, wine writer and one of the founders of restaurant K-märkt. Since its opening in 2014, hundreds of thousands of liters of Nordaq water have been served here. In 2018, K-märkt was named Sweden’s most sustainable tavern by Restauranggalan.

Nordaq swirl

How it's done

Nordaq filters the local tap water directly in place. Impurities and unwanted flavors are filtered out while retaining the natural salts and minerals of the water. The system produces both still and sparkling water.

The water is cooled and served directly in Nordaq’s exclusively designed glass or crystal bottles. The system has a market-unique solution where the bottles are washed with great precision in specially designed rackets and can be reused time and time again in a closed flow. No expensive disposable bottles, garbage disposal or long shipment are needed.

Nordaq still or sparkling water

Patented innovation

The efficient and patented water filtration system provides crystal clear water with flavor enhancing properties. It provides a premium product that is both economically advantageous and better for the environment. But above all, Nordaq’s premium water provides an enhanced taste experience of both food, wine and other drinks as the water does not compete with other flavors.

Nordaq rip cap
Nordaq Bistro bottle

From carafe to product

With a hygienic and efficient encapsulation, there is also the possibility to pre-fill, seal and store a large number of bottles for sale. The capsule transforms the carafe into a sealed premium product where the guest can always rely on the quality of the content.

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