Three world-renowned Heston restaurants renew commitment

Heston Blumenthal restaurants, The Fat Duck and The Hind’s Head in Bray, Berkshire, as well as Dinner by Heston at The Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park in London, have renewed their contracts with Nordaq. The renewal of their commitments will see the venues continue to serve Nordaq premium filtered water for a further three years.

The Michelin starred chef is one of many to serve Nordaq with their food and wine. Restaurants with a combined total of some 150 Michelin stars – including 40+ of the top names in Michelin’s guide to the world’s best restaurants – have already chosen Nordaq.

Heston’s restaurants continuing to serve Nordaq are:

Three Michelin-starred restaurant, The Fat Duck, Heston’s first and most famous venue where he unveiled headline grabbing dishes, such as triple cooked chips and egg-and-bacon ice cream,

The Hind’s Head, named the Michelin Pub Guide’s “Pub of the Year” in 2011, which offers “versions of classic British dishes all cooked with exceptional technical dexterity and consummate culinary imagination.”

and finally, Dinner by Heston, which serves modern dishes, inspired by historic British gastronomy and has gained two Michelin stars since it opened in 2011.

Nordaq’s unique, patented water filtering system turns local tap water into a restaurant water of the highest quality. Nordaq enhances the flavour of food and wine with its unique ability to cleanse the palate.

Heston Blumenthal chooses Nordaq premium water
Nordaq quote

“Attention to detail is something that we have always looked at in all of our restaurants. An eating experience is beyond the food we eat, it includes the surroundings, the FOH team, the temperature of the room, the drinks and of course, the water. Nordaq’s technology offered us exactly what we were looking for.”

Heston Blumenthal, of Heston Blumenthal Restaurants ***, UK

Heston Blumenthal about Nordaq

In numerous restaurants where Nordaq is served, it is also used in the kitchen as a tool and an ingredient – further enhancing the dining experience. One of Heston’s famous culinary techniques which he developed in the 1990s, is to cook vegetables in mineral water – having discovered that calcium levels in tap water cause vegetables to discolour.

Nordaq quote

Peter Smeaton, of Nordaq UK, says: “Heston Blumenthal is a worldwide household name – regarded as one of the greatest and most innovative chefs of his generation – his continued endorsement of Nordaq is a great credit to our product. Heston is well-known for creating those unexpected experiences and unique sensations with his food. I think the gastronomy, the science and the intrigue synonymous with his brand fit perfectly with the Nordaq Experience – the idea that something we consume liters of every day can actually transform how we taste.”

For more information please contact:

Peter Smeaton
Nordaq UK
+44 121 348 8951

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