Sheraton Stockholm Hotel has decreased its carbon emissions by 540 tons

Sheraton serves Nordaq tapped onsite
Already in 2011 Sheraton Stockholm Hotel was the first hotel in the world to install a Nordaq Water Filtering System. This meant that the hotel could stop buying plastic bottled water for its guests. Now that the hotel has produced its millionth bottle – the carbon emission has been reduced by 540 tons, which is equal to 216 return tickets Sweden – Thailand for a single traveller, 836 return tickets Stockholm – Palma de Mallorca for a single traveller or 1 million plastic bottles to have entered the waste land.

”Sheraton Stockholm Hotel was the first hotel in the world to install Nordaq’s microbrewery for water. The brewery has now produced its millionth bottle of still and sparkling Nordaq water; demonstrating that locally produced quality and quantity go hand in hand. We are honoured to be able to deliver the best premium water there is, without harming the environment”, Pelle Hallberg, CEO at Nordaq

”Before Sheraton Stockholm Hotel installed Nordaq Fresh Water in the hotel, we bought plastic bottles from Italian and Swedish producers. Since it is a priority for us to be one of Stockholm’s most environmentally friendly hotels, we quickly saw the advantages of producing our own bottled water here at the hotel. Apart from the benefits of being able to serve our guests pure and delicious water – the environmental benefit is the big winner here”, Lars van der Most, General Manager at Sheraton Stockholm Hotel

Nordaq filters local tap water on site, removing impurities and undesirable flavours while retaining the water’s natural salts and minerals. Furthermore, the system can produce both still and sparkling water. The water is chilled and served directly in glass bottles. The system uses a unique, high-precision bottle-washing solution along with specially designed trays, which allows the hotel to re-use the bottles again and again. It removes the need for expensive disposable plastic bottle waste and long, fuel-intensive transportation.

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel works actively to reduce the ecological footprint through a large range of climate-smart solutions. Since 2011 the hotel is certified with the Nordic eco-label “Svanen” and has been awarded the worldwide “Green Key”. Here are some of the eco-friendly actions the hotel has taken.

  • Installing ReGen elevators from Otis that use 50% less power
  • All power is sourced via Swedish hydroelectricity which produces 0% carbon emission
  • 89% of the heating involves renewable energy sources
  • Thousands of LED lights have been installed
  • Ecotop cookers and Ecoflame burners reduce heat and gas loss in the kitchens
  • Heat and CO2 detectors adjust ventilation for optimal performance
  • Motion detectors control stairwell lighting
  • All plastic straws and sticks have been removed
  • Guests who choose “Make a Green Choice” at check-in are entitled to bonus points. This choice reduces water, detergent use and carbon emissions.

  •  Together these actions have resulted in a 17 % reduction in electricity usage, 70 % reduction in carbon emissions and 26 % reduction of water usage since 2011.
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To Sheraton Stockholm’s press release

Benjamin Falk
Marketing executive, Sheraton Stockholm Hotel
+46 8 412 34 00

Pelle Hallberg 
President Nordaq Group
+46 8 21 04 05

Sheraton Stockholm is a first class hotel located in central Stockholm. The hotel offers 465 spacious guestrooms with high comfort with Sheraton Sleep Experience® beds, Sheraton Club floor, Sheraton Fitness, Concierge and 24 hour room service. The Sheraton also has one of Stockholm’s most flexible conference floors that can accommodate events and conferences for up to 600 people. Sheraton is part of Marriott International, the world’s largest hotel chain with more than 6,800 hotels in 150 countries.

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