Nordaq water served at Michelin Guide Revelation

Only Nordaq served at Michelin revelation

Nordaq was the proud partner and water supplier of the Michelin Guide Revelation of Great Britain & Ireland 2020.

Nordaq superior water was served during the event and cocktail at the Hurlingham Club in London, in fine companionship with Valrhona chocolate, Petrossian caviar, English sparkling wine Nyetimber, fine food and premium Difference coffee, amongst other.

Nordaq premium water does not interfere with flavours in food and beverages. We call it the “Nordaq TrueTaste”, and it allows the intended flavours to shine through and the water to taste just like water should.

The evening in numbers:

180 chefs
187 Michelin-Starred restaurants featured for 2020
1 new three-starred restaurant
250 bottles of Nordaq superior water handed out

Big congratulations to all chefs and teams for these amazing achievements!

Nordaq at Michelin event

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