Nordaq enters South America

Nordaq has entered Chile and Colombia by signing Kon Distributors.

Nordaq Chile & Colombia
Diana & Maurizio Cordova


Kon Distributors is the exclusive distributor for Nordaq water in Chile and Colombia. The name Kon comes from the Inca mythology, Kon is the god of rain and the wind of the south. Diana and Maurizio Cordova experienced Nordaq superior water at a restaurant in California, the US, and decided to look further into becoming a distributor.

Since 2018, Chile has been developing an eco-friendly policy regarding the use of plastic. In 2019, a law was implemented to limit the generation of disposable products and regulate the use of them. Now there’s a movement encouraging people to stop using plastic bottles and instead to. start using glass bottles.

The major interest to implement a Nordaq system is based on the prestige brand and recognition in addition to the experience TrueTaste flavour experience. Most enquiries made by clients come from having experienced the Nordaq water at a restaurant, hotel or spa.

Miss Diana Cordova is a filmmaker and publicist from Lima, Peru. She is the CEO of CHIASMA FILMS, an advertising agency and audio-visual production company that creates brand and creative communication ideas. Her knowledge covers marketing and creative areas.

Mr. Maurizio Cordova is a technology and mining entrepreneur from Lima, Peru. He is the founder and creator of SIGAL, the leading environmental, health, and security management software package for the mining industry. Mr. Cordova is the founder of MASGLAS Limited and AURYN Mining Chile, SpA, MANTOS AZULES, ORO SUR, EAGLE GOLD MINING, companies established in Chile to capitalize on the downturn in commodities and consolidate several different projects.

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