Nordaq enters Japan

Maekawada distributor for Nordaq

Yumi Shimono for Nordaq Japan

Nordaq is entering Japan by signing the distributor Maekawada, already supporting the fine dining market with exclusive Sake brands.

The family business Maekawada Limited was established already in 1870, in Kyoto. Specialising in exclusive Sake brands for the fine dining market, and other beverages, Maekawada has run their business for 150 years and has established a great deal of trust in Kyoto.

Kyoto is the former imperial capital of Japan, with over a thousand years as the centre of Japanese traditional culture and culinary impressions. The emperor, his family and nobles lived there, generation after generation, for centuries. People in Kyoto has kept its traditions and sophisticated culture. There are many famous Kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto, and many Japanese chefs started their careers in Kyoto, to learn not only cooking but also Japanese culture. As a result of their effort, Japanese traditional cuisine (Washoku) was selected an intangible asset by UNESCO in 2013.

In the Kansai area, Maekawada is serving 13 Michelin starred restaurants already, making the distributorship a great match.

Yumi Shimono, Manager at Nordaq Japan says:
“Tasaburo, the founder of Maekawada is my great grandfather. I myself have worked for several international companies and spent six years in the South East Asia. Last year I returned to Japan to join our family business. We are excited to expand this system in Japan, and as a mother of two children, I couldn’t be happier to work with this eco-friendly and prestige business.”

Pelle Hallberg, CEO Nordaq says:
”I am proud to be able to deliver our premium water also to the Japanese market, and the collaboration with Maekawada. It is a company with old traditions within the Japanese premium beverage segment.

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Yumi Shimono
Manager Nordaq Japan
+81 120 39 2080

Pelle Hallberg
CEO Nordaq Group
+46 8 21 04 05

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