Nordaq eliminated 31 million single-use bottles in 2019

Nordaq has eliminated more than 31 million single-use plastic or glass bottles in 2019, by turning tap water into premium water via patented on-site filtration.

The Swedish innovation allows restaurants or hotels etc to filter their own tap water into filtered water on-site, and serve the purified water, still or sparkling, in reusable glass bottles. 

The quantity of Nordaq water filters sent out to clients globally has been calculated to the equivalent of 15 700 000 litres of water being filtered directly on-site. Assuming that the water was served in 50 cl bottles, this means that Nordaq has eliminated the need for 31.4 million plastic bottles or glass bottles shipped for one-time usage, in 2019 alone!*

Therefor, not only has Nordaq generated savings on tons of plastic, but also the shipping and transportation of all of those bottles from one part of the world to another.

Nordaq eliminates single-use bottles

*These calculations are based on a total of our filters that have been sent out in 2019 at full capacity usage. In our calculations, we have assumed that the customer would have used a 50 cl bottle if they didn’t use Nordaq.

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