Water filtration for hotels

Our solutions are suitable for the hotel, large or small, that wants to serve superior water without affecting the environment. 

Water filtration for hotels

Our water filtrating solutions are suitable for hotels, large or small, who want to serve premium water – in the restaurant, with a complimentary bottle at the room, as refreshment in the spa area, banquets, events, or conferences. You have the need, we have the solution.

Nordaq has its own patented microfilter, which we combine with customized water towers or water systems. Our filter purifies tap water into a perfectly neutral result, without taste or smell. The filter removes impurities from the water but leaves salts and minerals.

The water machines are designed to be shown, for example, in the bar, in the form of an elegant tower. Or in the background, in the shape of a machine, with manual buttons. With our water systems you can serve a chilled or room temperature, carbonated or still, filtered premium water, tapped directly on-site on your premises.

We provide you with stylish bottles, in recycled glass, which creates and high-quality service for staying guests, conference rooms attendees, banquets, and events, as well as the pool and spa area. And for well-being personnel.

Thanks to our smart encapsulation solution, the water stays fresh and sparkling for longer. Alternatively, you can use reusable rubber caps that are reusable and goes in the dishwasher. 

If you are looking for a larger number of bottles per hour, prefilled, our Nordaq Refilling systems are the solution for you. They offer the ability to fill up to 2000 bottles per hour.

We train your entire team to ensure that they’re comfortable managing and explaining the benefits of premium water tapped on-site, to your guests.

Choosing Nordaq means you skip the traditional hassle of bottled water being transported across the planet. You will be able to serve premium water, in stylish bottles in a closed loop. You will save time, storage space, and expenses while you as a hotel can communicate the image of a committed company that shows respect to our planet, and towards your guests.

These are some of the reasons Nordaq is “preferred supplier” of major hotel chains and premium hotels all over the world.