Water solution for companies​

Our products are suitable for restaurants, hotels, businesses, bars, and cafés. You have the need, we have the solution.

Water solution for companies

By filtering your tap water into still or carbonated water on site, your company takes responsibility for your employee’s health and well-being, while showing clients that you respect the environment. Nordaq water is a premium solution, but still you’ll find that your company can make a better bottom line rather than when buying bottled water.

Nordaq has its own patented microfilter, which we combine with water systems that cool and/or carbonate the water.

The water installation can be built into your kitchen or kitchenette, for example, with an elegant water tower on a bench or as a stand-alone machine in the reception, for example. You have the need; we have the solution.

Nordaq is today the leading drinking water purifier in the gastronomy and hotel industry and has developed a product that adapts to companies that want a great drinking water solution for staff and customers – without unnecessary handling and costs.

Our filter purifies tap water from particles and impurities such as medical residues, chemicals, and microplastics, but lets minerals and salt stay. With a Nordaq water machine you can tap your own purified, cold, room temperature or hot, still or carbonated, freshwater directly on-site.

We provide you with elegant bottles, which are dishwasher compatible. You choose between bottles in recycled glass or BPA-free plastic, whichever suits your firm best.

The water is kept fresh and the sparkles kept longer with a cap. Either a rubber cork, which can also be washed in a machine. Or cap them with our smart encapsulating machine. Advantageously pre-tap a large number of bottles ready for the conference or seminar. Fresh and refreshing water during meetings and conferences is always appreciated.

By tapping your purified water locally for customer meetings and employees, you take a position as a company that cares for the environment. Never again do you need to handle disposable bottles (glass or plastic), either at delivery or to handle the rubbish. No transport, no logistics, and no waste. 

If you buy bottled water today, you will soon discover that Nordaq’s water solution is economically advantageous, in addition to allowing staff and clients to drink purified and freshwater. A better solution for the company and well-being employees.

We will gladly come out and explain the benefits of filtered water and of course let you try the pure taste of Nordaq superior water. Contact us today for an offer!