Team US for Bocuse d’Or 2021 announced

Nordaq is proud sponsor of the Ment’or organisation, a nonprofit that aims to educate and inspire excellence in young culinary professionals and also preserve the traditions and quality of cuisine in America. On Nov 9th the competitors for Bocuse d’Or 2021 cooked and served their contributions, and finalists were awarded. Nordaq superior water was poured all day.

The three finalist teams competed for over 5 hours and 35 minutes, and Nordaq water was served all day long, keeping chefs and audience hydrated without waste. 100 gallons of tap water was filtered into superior truetasting water. Some participants whereof Chef Robert Sulatycky and Chef Keller’s waiters and staff from the French Laundry and Per Se also got to experience the Nordaq TrueTaste. The jury consisted of several since-long Nordaq friends and honourable chefs. Taste and presentation were judged by: Paul Bartolotta, William Bradley, Gerard Craft, Olivier Dubreuil, Michelle Karr-Ueoka, James Kent, Matthew Kirkley, Alex Lee, Brian Lockwood, Yvan Mucharraz, Roland Passot, Francis Reynard, Melissa Rodriguez, Rich Rosendale, Joachim Splichal, Philip Tessier, Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Gavin Kaysen (during the day also presented as new president of Team USA), Mathew D. Peters, and Robert Sulatycky.

Chef Jeffery Hayashi, with Commis William Barrera, led by Coach Chef Jason Peel won first prize. It is a truly amazing achievement by all teams to reach this far, and even greater by the winning team who will represent the United States of America on Bocuse d’Or in Lyon 2021. Chef Jeffery Hayashi and William Barrera will now begin the training for Bocuse d’Or as Team USA 2021 and dedicate the next 14 months to prepare for the competition.

“I feel very fortunate for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Any one of the competing chefs could have won. To now officially be on the road to Lyon for Bocuse d’Or is surreal, and I’m incredibly thankful for all the support.” said Chef Hayashi, who also competed for Team USA in 2019.

The winning team, Commis William Barrera, Chef Jeffery Hayashi and Coach Chef Jason Peel, in good company by Nordaq.

We say, good luck and see you in Lyon!

The winning platter

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