Some more Asian Michelin stars added to the Nordaq list

Several of Nordaq’s clients were star-studded when the 2019 Singapore Michelin Star list was announced on Tuesday night.

Nordaq TrueTaste brings stars

44 prestige restaurants earned their stars, whereof 9 prefers Nordaq premium water.

Odette earned its third star *** (previously had two)

Saint Pierre earned its second star ** (previously had one)

Zen by Frantzen earned two stars ** (new restaurant, previously unlisted)

Basque Kitchen earned one star * (new entry)

Restaurant JAG earned one star * (new entry)

Other customers who retained their ratings:

Nouri (*)

JAAN (*)

Labyrinth (*)

Shoukouwa (**)

This brings the Singaporean Nordaq star count to 14! In other words, huge congratulations from all of Nordaq. Amazing achievements by both chefs and teams.

For more information:

Peter Ulrich
Nordaq Singapore
+65 8282 8394
[email protected]

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