Nordaq offers automatic water bottle filling in a closed-loop on site

Nordaq is raising the bar, to meet the needs of large high-end properties with a need for a larger quantity of purified water.

After 15 years of experience in filter development, water purification, and innovation, Nordaq has developed the Nordaq Refilling Systems. The system has the ability to fill up to 2000 bottles per hour with superior water.

Nordaq has taken the step towards offering large quantities of the purest water there is, in a closed-loop with our glass bottles being reused over and over, produced on-site. This enables large hotels, conference halls, and banquets to stop importing transported water and single-use bottles, without sacrificing the quality.

The systems are suitable for large venues looking to serve their guests the purest water available, produced in a circular system – on-site.

Nordaq Refilling Systems

The systems have already been installed at Sheraton Stockholm Hotel, and Wynn Palace Macau. Read more about it;

For enquiries, contact us at or

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