Nordaq embarks Vietnamese luxurious railroad journey

Superior water on a luxury train, without waste? Yes, it is possible. Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas have launched a luxury carriage in Vietnam.

The Vietage runs through the beautiful landscapes and amazing coastlines of Central Vietnam. Its passengers can sit back and enjoy the three-course epicurean experience from an exclusively-curated menu.

Chef Geert-Jan Vaartjes blends modern Vietnamese cuisine with French culinary cooking using local produce and home-made ingredients to produce exquisite flavour combinations for meat, seafood, and plant lovers alike. Enjoy a three-course gourmet meal, put together to let you experience the ultimate taste sensations.

And what else goes better with a gourmet meal, put together to make you experience the ultimate taste sensation?

Nordaq embarks luxurious railroad journey

Nordaq water, of course, purified to highlight the flavours of food and beverages. The water is tapped on-site at Hotel Anantara Hoi An and served onboard the carriage in Nordaq glass bottles, only to be refilled with superior water, over and over again. For a superior taste and a clean planet. 

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About The Vietage

The Vietage is a 12-seat reservation-only carriage on the daily return railway route between Da Nang and Quy Nhon in South Central Vietnam, offering luxury train travel experiences for guests exploring Vietnam. The Vietage departs from Da Nang station every morning for the six-hour journey to Quy Nhon and returns in the evening.

The Vietage also contributes to the ‘Dollars for Deeds’ programme, in which US $1 per ticket is donated and guests on board are at liberty to make their own contribution. Donations are given to the Kianh Foundation, a not-for-profit charity providing a full-time, customised, special needs curriculum for children with disabilities in the Quang Nam Province of Central Vietnam.

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