Johanna Mattsson new CEO of Nordaq

Johanna Mattsson has been appointed new CEO of Nordaq Group

Johanna Mattsson is joining Nordaq from the American cloud company Salesforce, where Johanna’s been Sales director, covering the Nordic market. Johanna has a vast experience of international business in various market segments including hospitality and food & beverages. Johanna comes from Sweden and has lived and worked in France, Ireland, Japan, and Singapore, enhancing her ability to understand the complexity of local challenges.

Johanna is taking over the role from Pär (Pelle) Hallberg who after having led Nordaq as CEO for the last six years will change his focus, from day to day operations to strategic issues as a member of the board of directors of Nordaq Group.

“I am pleased to announce that from the 3rd of August Johanna Mattsson has taken over the role as Group CEO, and trust you will help me welcoming her into our group.” Says Eduard Paulig, Group Chairman.

“I am really excited to be working with a premium product that combines superior taste with a cleaner planet. Nordaq has a great product and vision, and I look forward towards developing Nordaq, to enter further markets and striving for sustainable yet tasteful future.” Says Johanna Mattsson.

Johanna Mattsson for Nordaq


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