First flight in the world to skip plastic bottled water?

Nordaq in the air

Industriflyg has switched to locally produced tap water, to deliver premium water without unnecessary waste.

Stockholm-based Industriflyg may well be the first airline to switch from serving their clients plastic bottled water. It is definitely one of the first private jet operators to focus on reducing C02 emissions with an innovative initiative that will further boost its environmental credentials. The Swedish airline operates 10-12 aircrafts and helicopters in a rapidly expanding market, flying its clients all over the globe. From world leaders to emergency medical teams Industriflyg manages the complex travel needs of a wide range of global customers.

Industriflyg has now replaced the purchasing of single-use plastic bottled water with Nordaq. Besides having the best filtered water available Industriflyg has addressed the logistical problems of shipping bottled water and at the same time eliminated the need to dispose of plastic bottle waste.

Laura Dubau, Cabin Service Manager, at Industriflyg says: “Being part of a very competitive business, our focus is to tailor our services and provide excellence to our customers. A sustainable approach becomes important when we talk about striving for excellence. Collaboration with Nordaq has been a great solution for our business so far.”

“Nordaq concept comes with the innovative water filter system which enhances the taste by purifying high-quality water and is presented in a beautifully designed glass bottle. Eliminating the waste of plastic bottled water is achieving an environmentally friendly solution. We are thrilled to be the first airline in the world using this concept!” continues Laura Dubau.

Nordaq is proud to finally have our water in the air, and what a takeoff! Premium traveling at its best; and a positive contribution in the challenge to be environmentally sound with Nordaq premium water locally produced,” says Pelle Hallberg, CEO of Nordaq Group.

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Laura Dubau

Cabin Service Manager, Industriflyg
+46 8 564 85 090

Pelle Hallberg
CEO Nordaq Group
+46 8 21 04 05
[email protected]

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