Nordaq TrueTaste brings out the best in food and wine

Thanks to its purity and well-balanced taste, Nordaq enhances the flavour of food and wine no matter where in the world your guests choose to dine: a unique advantage that elevates both wine-tasting and cuisine to new heights. The Nordaq True Taste difference is clear in both food and drink production and when dining, since it lets every nuance of flavour in culinary creations shine through.


“Nordaq’s water makes both food and wine taste better. At K-märkt, we care about the planet and approach our work with a clear environmental awareness that focuses on minimising food waste. Serving environmentally-friendly water that doesn’t require transportation fits right in with this philosophy.”

Jens Dolk is one of Sweden’s top wine connoisseurs and a co-founder of exclusive Stockholm restaurant K-märkt. Since its opening in 2014, K-märkt has served hundreds of thousands of litres of Nordaq water.


Nordaq filters local tap water right on site, removing impurities and undesirable flavours while retaining the water’s natural salts and minerals. The system can produce both still and sparkling water.

Nordaq water is chilled and served directly in our exclusive glass or crystal bottles. The system includes a unique, high-precision bottle-washing solution that uses specially-designed trays, allowing you to reuse the bottles over and over again. It removes the need for expensive disposable bottles, waste disposal and long, fuel-intensive haulage.


The effective, patented filter system delivers crystal-clear water that is a delight to the palate. It’s a premium product that is both cost-effective and kinder to the environment than its alternatives. Still, Nordaq’s premium water’s most appealing quality is its ability to enhance the enjoyment of food, wine, and other beverages, since its pure, neutral taste lets their flavours take center stage.


Nordaq’s hygienic and efficient capping system also lets you pre-fill, seal and store a large number of bottles for later sale. The cap turns the carafe into a sealed, premium product that gives your guests peace of mind about the quality of their drinking water.