Nordaq enters the Chinese market


Nordaq enters the Chinese market
Nordaq China

Nordaq has already been present in China for a while in terms of having some installations, but with the new distributor Pudow Water, Nordaq can give the Chinese market the full attention it needs.

Pudow Water, founded in 2011, has somewhat 100 employees and over 220 000 current water installations at customer’s sites in 120+ cities in China. Their current customer base is offices, restaurants, and hotels. Pudow will now balance regular water filter machines supply by offering Nordaq premium water systems for their high-end customers.

The CEO at Pudow, Molly Ma, has before been the CEO of Everpure, and Ingrid Zhu, General Manager Nordaq China, comes from former experience as CMO at General Electrics.

We are very excited about having the opportunity of partnering with Nordaq in China. The Nordaq solution enables hotel and restaurant customers to provide superior quality of drinking water to their guests as well as to achieve sustainability target, which exactly matches with Pudow’s vision. Together we can make our contribution to a clean planet, says Molly Ma, CEO Pudow Water.

I am thrilled to sign the deal with Pudow and Molly Ma. This is a milestone for Nordaq Group, and I’m glad we can offer our premium and sustainable solution to such an important market. Together we can make an impact, says Pelle Hallberg, CEO Nordaq Group.

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Pelle Hallberg
CEO Nordaq Group

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Manager Nordaq China

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