The Swedish solution for premium water

Nordaq grew out of a desire to offer tasty, clean and fresh water that is also kind to the environment. With these aims in mind, we developed and patented a brand new kind of filtration system.

Per Hermansson, then sensory analyst at Swedish Vin & Sprit AB (now owned by French Ricard Pernod), discovered that Nordaq’s filtered water clearly enhanced the taste of food and wine.

The majority of tests showed that Nordaq’s water truly has exceptionally favourable taste characteristics as well as a unique ability to enhance the character of other fresh ingredients in food and drink, rather than to distort them.

The realisation was clear and the effect powerful: Nordaq had created a product that would come to be loved by haute cuisine restaurants and world-class hotels. The rumour about the innovation spread and Nordaq was soon contacted by celebrity chefs from all corners of the globe.

Today, Nordaq’s products are found in a large number of restaurants, hotels and cafés worldwide, including several of the industry’s most famous names. What’s more, the company and its fine reputation only continue to grow.

Nordaq provides the world’s leading hotels, restaurants and cafés with an environmentally-sustainable and cost-effective, premium product that offers a sensational experience for the palate. It’s quite simply an unbeatable combination.