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Nordaq purified water tapped

The Nordaq offer

Nordaq’s complete solution consists of a filtration system, cooler, carbonation system, dispenser, bottle capper, branded bottles with permanent capping ability, branded caps and dish racks. It comes in different sizes and models, allowing the system to be tailored to suit different needs and to accommodate restaurants, hotels, bars, kitchens, conference facilities, such as lunch and breakfast rooms, and also offices.

Nordaq also offers systems where guests can fill their bottles at a dispensing station. This solution is especially popular at gyms and in foyers, receptions and pool areas, as just some examples.

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Nordaq sells its solutions and related products worldwide. As a distributor, you will act as an exclusive reseller in a selected area, where new client relationships are cultivated according to Nordaq’s sales process and market support. Existing customer relationships will be developed and customers will receive first-class service thanks to Nordaq’s customer care program.

Companies with experience in selling other premium products to the hotel and hospitality industries will have unique opportunities to build both a responsible and successful business together with Nordaq.

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