About Nordaq, the Swedish
solution for premium water

Nordaq Fresh started in Sweden with a desire to be able to offer tasty, clean and fresh water that was also good for the environment. A whole new filtration system was developed and patented. Per Hermansson, then taste sensor at the Wine & Sprit AB, discovered that Nordaq’s filtered water had a clear enhancing effect of the taste experience on food and wine.

Several tests showed that the water really had exceptionally favorable taste properties with a unique ability to enhance other raw materials, rather than affect them. The insight was clear and the effect powerful, Nordaq had created a product that would be loved by world-class gastronomic restaurants and hotels. Rumors of innovation spread and Nordaq was soon approached by star chefs from all over the world.

Today, Nordaq is represented in a large number of restaurants, hotels and cafées around the world, several of which are the industry’s best known. And the expansion continues! For the world’s leading hotels, restaurants and cafées, Nordaq delivers an environmentally sustainable and profitable premium product that at the same time offers a sensational taste experience – an unbeatable combination!

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