About Nordaq, the Swedish
solution for premium water

Nordaq is the leading provider of automated refilling solutions for bottled water. 

Our innovative and technology-based refilling systems allow high-end hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and airlines to produce the best water on location anywhere in the world. We let technology guide us to make sure our customers can focus on the highest quality of water supply to their customers. Together with our customers, we are making a true impact in the world on how bottled water is consumed. We are a real trailblazer showing that creating a premium product can go hand in hand with sustainability and financial targets. 

Nordaq is a growing company that focuses on complete water solutions for the luxury travel and hospitality industry.  We have the best chefs and the most exclusive hotels and resorts within our portfolio. At Nordaq we believe in growing with our customers by offering them a hassle-free solution to their water consumption. We bring innovative technology to water and provide the possibility for high-end travel destinations and transport companies to grow in a sustainable way. 

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